Happy 2018

This year has been going great so far. I had a successful album release show with Tropi Corillo, and I am joining Dexter Story’s Wondem project for a couple of gigs this month. I am also playing percussion with Joey Dosik on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and at the Troubador this week. I am really grateful to be playing great music with great people.27072503_10213984587556167_6420110369933867636_n

This year has flown by!

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since I’ve last posted. I have to say, this has been the busiest year of my life. I have been teaching and playing more than ever! I had another great recording session with Holland Greco and Clark Dark last month, some really fun gigs over the summer, and some upcoming Day of the Dead gigs that I’m looking forward to. I’m working every day to become better at what I do. It’s nice to see when your work pays off. I’m looking forward to doing more writing and recording in the near future. Check my events page for my next gigs.22519560_1882123205148686_658903617239432348_n

Music is my life

I have had a very busy last couple of months, teaching and performing with various groups. In May, I had an amazing recording session at the legendary Studio D at the Village, where many legendary artists throughout the past decades have recorded their albums. It was definitely a top experience. I recorded two tracks with Holland Greco and Clark Dark, who I have been working with for a few years now. We recorded the tracks for a company called Burl Audio, who will be releasing them on a vinyl compilation sometime later this year.

I also played for a great musician named Nancy Sanchez’s album release in June, and an Amy Winehouse tribute with a great band called the Altons in July. I’m looking forward to the gigs coming up in August and September with SK Kakraba and Tropi Corillo. I have also recently been asked to do a Charles Mingus band, so I will definitely post details about that as soon as I have them.

recording session at the Village Studio D with Holland Greco and Clark Dark

recording session at the Village Studio D with Holland Greco and Clark Dark

Cultural Affairs! Guest Dj at Dublab radio!

The year is moving along nicely! I just got a job as an Art Instructor with the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs! I am now the Music Program Director at the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center, and I am so excited to be teaching and coordinating the music classes!
Aside from that, I was invited by Danny Holloway last week to be a guest DJ on his radio show on the Dublab.com radio show. The whole show is now archived on mixcloud:

New Day

I’m happy to share the new music video for Cuicani’s song, “New Day,” which premiered earlier this week on the great Los Angeles cultural news website, Enclave LA, run by Tom Nguyen.

Tony Sauza is front and center on vocals and guitar and the Northeast Los Angeles native explains, “the song embodies the joy and hope that comes with new beginnings, despite living in difficult and challenging times.”

There is so much turmoil, but my goal with music is to create positivity, inspire, and make people happy and hopeful. I hope you feel this way seeing and hearing “New Day.”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: ‘New Day’ by Cuicani a much needed message of positivity right now

Happy New Year

2016 was a great year full of growth and new opportunities. I got some good news at the end of the year that Cuicani’s debut album was one of Travel Tips for Atzlan’s  (a great radio show on KPFK 90.7 here in Los Angeles) top albums of 2016. Cuicani will be releasing a new music video and song very soon. I’ll be working on some recordings and producing my own gigs this year, including a jazz show at Bar Fedora in April. Please check my events page for all my updated shows.

And, with everything happening in the world today, I’m happy and more motivated than ever to fuse my passion for music with my desire to make the world a better place. Cuicani is currently working through a fellowship with the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) as artists with the Boyle Heights Building Healthy communities campaign. We will be using our talents as artists to promote youth development in Los Angeles. Below is a picture of us performing at an event called Chant Down the Walls, in front of a detention center where people who’s immigration status is in question are being held indefinitely. I had the opportunity to perform at this event previously with Quetzal. It is quite moving to hear the people tapping on the windows of their cells in response to the music they hear from outside. I want to do as much as I can to contribute and help.

Cuicani at Chant Down the Walls 2017

Cuicani at Chant Down the Walls 2017


Moving ahead

September was also a very busy month. Things are moving forward with Cuicani- we are planning to record a new song at the end of this month. I also had some great gigs with the amazing musicians Holland Greco and Clark Dark. Our group is called Daddy and the Ladies (website coming soon), and we will be playing out a lot more soon. Also, on Oct. 16 I’ll be playing at the Blue Whale with SK Kakraba, and we’ve just released a song on Soundcloud. Check my Videos and Events pages for updates!


At my rehearsal space

Summer is coming to an end!

August has been an incredible month for me musically, personally, and for my band Cuicani. We had a great string of gigs, met some great people, and have plans for writing, recording, and touring in the near future. I had the opportunity to record bata drums for a Latin jazz album, and had an all-day recording session SK Kakraba. I’m looking forward to sharing those tracks as soon as they are released. I also went out and saw some amazing live shows, including a performance by the recently reunited Digable Planets.

I just posted a video on youtube of a short drum solo I did in the studio, and I have some updates on my events page for my upcoming shows.


I had some great shows and rehearsals these last few weeks. I recently posted up a drum cover of the amazing Anika Nilles’ song “Wild Boy,” which I had been wanting to do for quite a while. You can check it out on my Videos page, and please be sure to check out my upcoming Events; Cuicani has some great shows lined up for August!


“Mama” music video

Cuicani’s album release show on March 25 was very successful. We sold out and had many people who weren’t able to get in! We have been hard at work on many fronts. I am happy to present our second music video, produced by one of our singers, Marlene Beltran Cuahtin, for the song “Mama.”